Hot Shaper Belt. AJ-160

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Hot Shaper Belt, is a fitness product that can be used for everyday wear. It is designed with neotex fabric technology that increases core temperature helping your body to sweat more while wearing them during daily activities. It's neotex technology increases core temperature at home, exercise, sports , walk , run or any physical activity. While you sweat, Hot Shapers will feel dry from outside, so you can easily wear it while you go out. For better results wear this belt while you work for at least 30 minutes , this will pep your metabolism and you will be able to burn more calories. This is perfect for those ladies who have heavy lower body, excess fat on tummy and thighs. So, get this perfect calories burner belt and stay smart and in shape.

Key Features
  •          Maximizes fitness routines
  •          Reduces fat from tummy and waist 
  •          Increase your core body temperature
  •          Improve your overall well-being

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